Estate Planning

Estate PlanningEstate planning that safeguards one’s savings, investments, property and other assets is not a quick and simple process. Comprehensive estate planning requires the legal assistance of experienced attorneys. Those who live in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area can obtain such assistance by consulting with an estate planning attorney at the Rice Law Firm. Our attorneys know how to compose and interpret the terms of trusts, special needs trusts and wills.

Each trust is unique in its own right. The language of your neighbor’s trust will drastically differ from yours. Certain trusts contain minimal property and are terminated shortly after one’s death. Other trusts hold considerable assets and allocate resources to trust beneficiaries for decades. You can depend on our estate planning attorneys to create your will and/or trust in a manner that safeguards your assets and distributes your hard-earned money to beneficiaries exactly as you desire.

If your trust becomes the focus of litigation, you can lean on our attorneys to vigorously represent your interests. The same is true for trustees who are accused of improperly administering a trust. We’ve handled countless trust and will disputes with considerable success. Ally with our attorneys and contact The Rice Law Firm today, for the initial drafting of these complex legal documents and you will greatly reduce the odds of a future dispute.

Posted by: mprictor on November 7, 2016